Hello and thanks for stopping by! The website you are browsing is administered and maintained by Sagar Kapoor and Ashwani Kumar – two university students, studying in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh

Our History

This project started out like so many other projects – with help and nudging from our friends, who kept asking Ashwani, a very talented law student, for information on various legal subjects ranging from “How do I register the vehicle I just bought?” to “Where can I find study materials for my upcoming exam?”. As both questions and audience grew, the need for such a resource became apparent. This is where Sagar, a multifaceted economics student, came in. He has assembled and maintains the website, and assists Ashwani by editing the articles. 

Our Vision

Since we believe in equality before the law, we wish to give everyone access to information about the legal procedures of our country, regardless of the person’s social status or level of education. 

Law students and people who wish to explore the depths of our legal system can find valuable study materials in our Resources page. 

Those who are not as deeply interested in knowing the refinements of Indian law still have to abide by it. They are welcome to visit our How to section, where they will find easy comprehensive guides on how to approach different day-to-day legal tasks, which everyone goes through at one point or another. Our Articles is the place where you can find unbiased, objective commentaries on current events from the world of politics, economics and legislation. We occasionally invite guest-bloggers with valuable insights on topics that concern us all. If you wish to become a guest-blogger, feel free to Contact us.