Cases & Laws is a section that we have designed keeping in mind the various laws and cases that are quite useful from a legal student’s point of view, as well as for general information purposes. The material found here has been compiled from a huge list of sources by us to be able to present to you concisely and in one single place.

The material that you will find under the Cases & Laws section are as follows:

Case Law Analysis

Administrative Law

Local Laws UP

Professional Ethics

Hammer on an Anvil

Contempt Of Court

Contempt of Courts Act, defines both civil and criminal contempt. Civil contempt refers to willful disobedience to any judgment of the court.

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Interpretation Of Statues

Aids to Interpretation

An Aid, is a device that helps or assists. For the purpose of construction or interpretation, the court has to take recourse to various internal and external aids.

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Company Law

Articles Of Association

The articles of association direct rules which govern the conduct of directors, the rights of the shareholders and their relationship.

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Labour Law

Arbitration And Conciliation Laws

Lok Adalat System In India

Lok Adalat promotes the Gandhian principle of peacefulness and is based on transparency, efficiency and a less expensive form of justice.

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Limitation Law

Cyber Law

Cyber Law

Shielding Cyberspace

In the digital era the ever-escalating threat of ransomware looms large, endangering the very fabric of our interconnected world.

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Trust And Equity

Maxims Of Equity

The judicial principles constituting the sources of equitable doctrines are commonly known as "Maxims of Equity".

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Intellectual Property Rights

Law of Torts

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